Our streaming platform offers a synchronized transcript for all our videos. The transcript rolls with the video while it is playing.

Track: This feature also highlights the words in the transcript as they are spoken. This feature can be beneficial for a variety of learning style needs.

Navigate: The transcript enables one to easily navigate the video. The words in the transcript are clickable. When you click on any word in the transcript, the video will move to that point in the video. This tool allows you to repeat learning points with ease.

Search: Our transcripts are searchable by keyword as well. To search for any term in the transcript, simply type the term you would like to find in the "search video" box. This is located at the top left of the transcript. The results will appear highlighted throughout the transcript. When you click the highlighted results, the video will start from that location.


How to Download a Video’s Transcript

At any point, you can download a video’s transcript by clicking on the Download icon located in the top right of the box that the transcript is in.