Our Full Collection and Social Work Collection title lists contain each title's corresponding video ID. We have listed the Video IDs in their own column on our title lists. They may found in the column furthest to the right.


Title lists may be found here:

For example, for the title Building Confidence in Motivational Interviewing in the Motivational Interviewing from the Step by Step 4 video series, the Video ID is 209.

To create a URL for this title to directly access in the future, simply add the Video ID (the blue number in the below example) to the end of your video library URL.

          http://www.psychotherapy.net/stream/institution ID/video?vid=209

The institution ID is site-specific. To determine your institution ID, simply look at the URL in the address bar of your browser. The institution ID will always be found after "/stream/" in the URL.

In this case, the institution ID is "university-of-shelley".

If your library is using a proxy server the URL above will look a bit different, however the video ID will always be placed after "video?vid=" in the URL.

For example, a URL may look like: