While the group login is used for accessing and watching our videos you'll need to log out (or navigate to a different browser that isn't logged in) and set up a personal account to take CE tests as the CE tests will be linked to your personal info and credentialing which is separate from the group account).

To set up a personal account and take the CE tests you'd just need to be logged out and go to the webpage for the Video whose CE test you want to take

For instance, if you wanted to take the CE test for "Assessment and Intervention with Suicidal clients volume 1" you'd go to this webpage here: https://www.psychotherapy.net/video/suicidal-clients-v1 Click the orange "Multi-User Button" and then click "add CE test to cart"

After you add all the CE tests you are interested in you will proceed through the checkout process and enter your personal info that is asked for to set up your account. For payment, you can either pay out of pocket for the tests or your organization will have likely provided you with a coupon code that you can enter to cover the charges.

If you run into any confusion with this process or have any additional questions please email us at customerservice@psychotherapy.net